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Task statuses help track a task's journey from creation to completion. You can filter by task status, create reports by task status, and view a Planner by task status.

Standard statuses

In Planfix, we have main and additional task statuses.


Main statuses - these are statuses that a task takes over the course of a typical life cycle:

  • New - newly created tasks have this status before they have been accepted by assignees (Note: if the assignee is the same as the assigner, the task will immediately be given the status "In progress," since it's not necessary for a user to accept tasks they assign themselves.)
  • In progress - it conveys that the assignee has accepted the task and is working on it.
  • Ready for review - used after the assignee considers the task to be done.
  • Complete - set by the assigner as confirmation that the task was completed correctly.


Additional statuses are used less commonly, but they also play an important role in Planfix tasks:

  • Draft - used when a task hasn't been assigned yet. This lets you take time to work on a task and make it active when you're ready.
  • Declined - used when the assignee didn't accept a task.
  • On hold - used when working on a task has been suspended. When you change a task to this status, you can select a date for the task to become active again.
  • Canceled - used when you decide to stop work on a task.


Task names are displayed in different colors. The color of a task's name depends on its status.


General and individual statuses

A task can have different statuses for different participants. This applies to both standard and user (custom) statuses:


User statuses

In Planfix, you can add a status that you need to organize your business processes. You can even configure your own status set:

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