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Task and contact testing mode lets you test if a specific task or contact is selected by a filter. If it isn't, you can figure out why. Once you have activated testing mode, you will be able to select a specific object to test at the top of the filter settings window:


Once you have selected an object and started testing, you will see a flask with a green or red background associated with each condition. The green background means that the condition is met for the object you selected; red means it's not:


The line containing the logical expression associated with the filter condition also has a flask icon. A flask with a red background means that the object doesn't meet the filter or logical expression conditions and won't be displayed in the filtered results:


If the field you select for grouping is not in the task or contact, a message will be displayed above the grouping block:


How testing mode is used

  • Review each condition with a red flask sequentially. Modify the condition or values in the object (task, contact) you're testing so that the condition is met.
  • Test.
  • Follow the steps above until all the flasks have a green background when you test.

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