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In the Settings tab of a user's profile, all of the user's settings for the interface are displayed:


Settings available

  • Avatar shape - how colleague and contact avatars are displayed
  • Interface language - the language in which the objects in the system's interface are displayed. This language setting doesn't apply to content uploaded to the system, such as names, task contents, comments, user fields, etc.
  • Time zone - affects working hours, as well as times associated with tasks, reminders, and other Planfix objects
  • Date format - how dates are displayed for this user
  • Time format - how times are formatted for this user
  • Default task template - the template the user will use by default to create tasks
  • Default workspace - the workspace where the user will be when they log in to Planfix
  • Adaptation for people with color perception impairment - the special settings for people with color perception impairment.
  • Default section - the Planfix section displayed to the user when they log in to the system if they work in the basic workspace
  • Default task filter - the task filter that will open when going to the Tasks section or a Project
  • Autofocus search - when autofocus is enabled, any text the user types when their cursor isn't in an input field will be processed as a search request
  • Link length limits - this automatically limits the length of links in task descriptions, comments, and text fields. This does not affect how the link functions.
  • Counter in a browser tab - shows or hides the number of unread events in Planfix browser tabs
  • Interface font - sets a font for system elements of the Planfix interface
  • Action feed view - changes the display of the action feed and comments in task cards
  • System notifications - manages the appearance of system notifications in the Planfix interface
  • Additional confirmation of reading events in the Chronicle - additional defense against accidentally clicking the "Read" flag in the Chronicle
  • Quick quote - enables/disables a shortcut menu for quoting when text is highlighted

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