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Facebook integration gives you the ability to automatically receive contacts and requests in Planfix using Facebook Lead Ads.

Connecting the integration

  • Enable the integration with Facebook.
  • If needed, specify the task and contact templates Planfix will use to create the lead task and contact for the person who filled out the lead form in Facebook.
  • If needed, add assignees who will also be connected to process lead tasks.

How the integration works

  • A client responds to your ad and fills out a Facebook lead form.
  • In Planfix, a contact is created for this client with the data they entered into the form.
  • A lead task is also created with this contact as the assigner. All of the client's responses to the form questions will be copied into the task description, so you can easily access and process them.
  • The employee (or employees) specified in the task template settings or integration settings will be added as an assignee. *This is the last step in the integration settings, below the task and contact templates.
  • The assignee sees the new task with the client data and contacts the client.

Useful information

  • If you add fields to the task template with the same names as the questions in your Facebook form, the fields will automatically be populated with the responses each time a task is created.
  • The lead will be sent to Planfix several seconds after the client fills out the form and can be processed immediately (meaning the client may receive a call or email from the designated employee immediately after submitting the form).
  • Since the client is automatically set as the assigner of the lead task in Planfix, you can communicate with them directly from this task.
  • If you use the Deals management configuration or another type of CRM in Planfix, it's a good idea to configure the lead task template in such a way that it's immediately sent to the start of the sales funnel. This will ensure that your managers began to automatically see leads from Facebook in the interface they're familiar with, and they can process them alongside requests from other sources.
  • If a client who fills out your form already exists in the contact list, a new contact will not be created. Instead, the existing contact will be set as the assigner of the lead task, and the task will be added to your work history with this contact. Email address and phone number are used to see if a contact already exists; the name is not used.
  • Since a lead task is a regular Planfix task, all of the system's tools can be used with it. As such, you can and should use different scripts and other methods of automating your work.
  • The same goes for automating your work with contacts. For example, you can automatically add contacts from Facebook who leave their email address to a specific mailing list.

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