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Planfix lets you communicate with clients who write you direct messages and comments on your company's Facebook page, straight from Planfix.

The integration uses the official Facebook API.

Integration settings

The administrator of your Planfix account can configure the integration in the Account Management section, in the Integrations - Social media tab:



To add an integration, click Add page:


You will see a list of pages. Select the ones you would like to integrate with Planfix:


and allow Planfix to receive the information it needs from Facebook:


After you have given permission, the integration will be activated and you will begin receiving information from Facebook in Planfix.

Important: access permissions for the Facebook page

When trying to connect the integration, if you don't get asked to select pages, or if the list of available pages is empty, this means the Facebook account you're currently logged in to isn't linked to any company pages. Make sure you are logged in to the correct Facebook account and try linking the integration again.

If your page is managed using Facebook Business Manager and you don't see the page in the list of pages available to link to Planfix, the Business Manager administrator must follow the steps in the next section to give you permission to manage this page.

Linking pages managed by Business Manager

To connect a page managed by a Facebook Business Manager, the Business Manager administrator must follow these steps:


  • In the Pages section, click Add people:


  • Add permissions to manage the page for the required person by selecting them from the list:


Then this person will be able to link the Planfix integration.

Using the integration

A Facebook user writes a direct message to a page by clicking this button on their page:


A task is automatically created in Planfix with the message contents. The Facebook user sees all comments written in Planfix in the Facebook chat as if they're regular Facebook messages:


At the same time, this interaction looks like a regular Planfix task:


Please notice

  • You can add several Facebook pages to your account.
  • The messages users on your page send are sent to Planfix. New posts on the page (including those written by users) and other activities will not be sent to Planfix.
  • You can select a task template that will be used when Planfix tasks are created from new messages.


  • Make sure the template you use has assignees specified, or add them in the integration settings (it's the last item in the settings).
  • The Planfix integration with Facebook is available for all paid and premium accounts.
  • You can select the following option in the integration settings: Create a new task if there are no active tasks with this contact.
  • To have comments users leave on posts on your Facebook page sent to Planfix, enable this setting.
  • Facebook integration lets you automatically receive contacts and requests in Planfix using Facebook Lead Ads.
  • As of January 15, 2010, you can only send a direct message to a Facebook user within 24 hours of their last message.

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