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Quick replies in comments are a system setting and work for the entire account. They are disabled by default.



  • To enable quick replies, go to Account Management — System Settings — Other Settings — Quick Replies:


  • Turn on the Quick Replies mode. The settings window will be displayed. Specify a predefined directory of answers and the name of the field containing the text of the reply.
  • Example of a linked directory:


  • To select a quick answer, add an * (asterisk) in the comment field:


Search for answers

After the * (asterisk), you can type some words from the question or reply into the linked directory. It is not necessary to follow the word order. Planfix will find the correct answer anyway:


Answers in different languages

  • Add a new quick reply to the directory in another language:


  • Start typing the reply in the desired language, and Planfix will display the corresponding entry:


Variables in answers

In quick replies, you can specify the usual Planfix variables or text with variables as in a dynamic block: formulas, tables, and more. Thus, quick replies can be personalized, for example, by adding the variable for the customer's full name. Or send the pre-calculated values of formulas and tables in response to the customer.



  • Quick replies work only in paid accounts.
  • They are a system setting and work for the entire account.
  • Disabled by default.
  • You can add only one line or text in a comment as a reply.
  • Search works on the part of a word added to simple fields (like string, text, number) of the linked directory.

Quick replies in the task description

Quick replies can be used in the task description. This feature can be helpful in situations where you need to write a templated email to a contractor with minimal changes, for example:


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