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Comments from Facebook users on your company or corporate posts can be automatically imported into Planfix and processed in the same interface as messages from other channels.

Integration Setup

The Planfix account administrator can enable the integration in the Account Management, Integrations, Social media:


this section also configures the Task templates and Contact templates for the integration.

Important: If Facebook is already connected, disconnect and reconnect it.

Integration Features

When a Facebook user leaves a comment under a post on your corporate page:

  • Planfix checks if you have a contact of a user with such a Facebook identifier. If not - a Contact card is created with his name and photo from FB.
  • A task is created according to the template specified in the integration settings. In this case:
    • The default task title contains a reference to the specific note for which the comment was left.
    • The Task description corresponds to the text of the note:


    • A comment left by the user is added to the action feed of the created task:


Note: If there is already an active task for this note, no new one is created, but a comment is simply added to the existing one.

Working in the integration

When you create a task, the employees assigned as assignees in your specified template will receive a notification about it. They will see it in their Chronicle or learn about it through another notification channel that they use.

The employee responsible then communicates with the customer as if he had messaged him in Planfix: He simply replies to his comment. You can create a new comment, write a reply text, and select a conversation partner in the "Notify about this" block or use the quick reply button:


The response sent in this way will appear in the Planfix comment feed:


and under the post on the Facebook page:


Note: Comments on the page are left on behalf of your page.

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