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You can arrange Planfix login on your own domain. This is particularly convenient if external users use your account and/or if you use the Dashboard to work with customers, partners, etc.

When you use your domain with Planfix:

  • Your employees can use a specially configured URL to log in to your company's account. This URL will be on your domain (such as, if your company's account is
  • Your customers use a Dashboard on your Dashboard.
  • All links that users see while working are on your domain and don't contain any information that would indicate that users are actually working in Planfix. As a result, people conduct their work in a system that appears to be using company URLs, like in this example, but everyone's work is in fact powered by Planfix.
  • Any attempt to log in using the regular URL, or any attempt to click a standard link to your Planfix account (such as, will result in an automatic redirect to the desired page, just on your domain (such as
  • Such redirection also occurs for webhook addresses, REST APIs, PBX integrations, and others where the account address is used. If the external system does not handle this redirection correctly, you must replace the domain in the address.

Activating your domain is a paid service with certain limitations:

  • Using your domain is only available on the highest plan (Corporation) and costs €49 per month. The custom domain is free for accounts with 50 or more employees using the Corporation plan.
  • For accounts operating under the old pricing system, using your domain is available on any plan and costs €49 per month. If the monthly payment amount is €250 or more, the custom domain is provided free of charge.

You can only use your own domain with Planfix if you have the most advanced plan (Plan X).

How to connect your domain

To use your domain:

  • Enable the use of your own domain in the Account payment section
  • Create a CNAME record for the desired URL on your domain, specifying your Planfix account in the URL.
  • Create a task for Support with the domain name for which you want to set up Planfix login.

Your employees will use this information to make Planfix available from your company domain. Login from the old account URL will automatically redirect to your domain.


For technical reasons beyond our control, the following will not work when you use your own domain:


  • Using your own domain to log in to Planfix doesn't mean that Planfix is hosted on your servers. It's simply a way of working with your regular Planfix account, which will appear to be a part of your site. Moreover, your account is not transferred anywhere and still operates in the data center you selected when you signed up for Planfix.
  • Enabling Planfix login from your own domain doesn't affect work with email at all. All of your important settings, including those for company and personal external email addresses, will work like before.
  • After you have activated your custom domain, all users must log in to the system again.

If you cannot access your custom domain in Planfix:

If you get an error message like this when you try to log in to your domain in Planfix:

  • The website cannot be accessed.
  • The server IP address could not be found for ‘your account name on the domain’.
  • Run the Windows network diagnostics.

This probably indicates a problem with the DNS server you are using that is preventing your device from finding the IP address for Planfix.

In this case, you should contact your company's system administrator for help. You can also try changing the DNS server in your system settings to (Google's DNS server).

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