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The task card consists of several panels in both the mobile app and the web version. You can switch between the panels by swiping to the right or left or tapping the desired panel.

Table of contents


The Description section contains the main information about the task: name, description, assigner, dates, status, etc. On this tab, you can:

  • To share the task — press Share:


  • To edit task fields — click on the Pencil icon:


  • Refresh data, Add a subtask, Create copy, Merge, or Delete the task in the menu settings:


  • Add to favorites — click on the Star symbol:



A feed of the task's actions is displayed on the Comments tab.

  • The text of the task description is duplicated in the first comment.
  • At the bottom of the tab is a field for adding a new comments.
  • Click the Paperclip icon next to the field to attach a file, reminder, or a data tag to the comment.

In the feed, you can set the display of actions for the current task or its subtasks and the data tags without comments or marking all actions as read. You can find these settings in the dropdown Menu:


To perform an action for a specific comment, open the Menu next to the comment:


Some of the available actions are displayed on the comment badge itself. Click on the:

  • The Heart to respond to the comment.
  • The Pin to pin it in the chat.
  • The Person icon to show notified users.
  • The Star to add to your favorites.


You can view and edit the task's checklist in the Checklist panel or add new items. Open the Menu to customize the display settings of the list:



All task fields are displayed on this tab. You can view and edit them. Open the Menu to adjust the display settings of the fields:


Data tags

You can view and edit all data tags added to the task in the Data tag panel. Click on Plus to attach a data tags:



All documents added to the task are displayed in the Documents section. Click on the Paperclip and select the appropriate format to add a new document:



The Access area lists all users with access to this task in one role or another. In the details section, you can change the access rights for the task.


This extension is used for automatic time tracking. Click on the:

  • Play to start the timer.
  • Stop to stop the timer.
  • Reset to stop the timer without saving.
  • History to view all "Actual working time" data tags attached to the task.

Important: The timer can only be activated in the web version of Planfix.

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