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As soon as an account link is set up, all notifications about new tasks and actions for a user will be sent to their main account. It works as follows:

  • If there are no tasks yet, one will be created automatically. All comments and files that were available to the user at this point will be added to this task.
  • If a task has already been created, new actions will be sent to it automatically (when the user is notified of them).
  • If a task (in any account) is changed to any standard status, it will be changed in all linked accounts.
  • The subtask hierarchy in linked accounts is maintained, provided that both the parent task and its subtask were transitioned into the linked account.
  • For new tasks, Planfix uses the project name from the original account when automatically selecting a project in the new account. This means that if there's a project in the main account with a name that's an exact match with the project name in the account where the task came from, the task will automatically be put in this project. If there's no project with a matching name, the task will be created without a project.
  • When a task comes in via a link with another account, a contact card is automatically created for each user added to it as an assignee or participant. These cards contain the link attribute. These contact cards let you select the users in the "Notify" section when adding a new comment while working on a task. The users will receive the notifications in their main account and will be able to continue working on the task.


Limitations of transferring data

Currently, the following information cannot be transferred between accounts:

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