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Reminders are a Planfix tool that helps draw your attention to the right tasks and contacts at the right time:


Adding reminders results in notifications being sent at a specified time. These notifications will be sent via the channel you indicate and will contain a link to the relevant task or contact.


Reminders can be useful to use as a tool for intermediate monitoring of tasks. When you assign a task or write a comment, add a reminder for the time when you next plan to check up on this task. After receiving the notification and checking the status, add another reminder for the next checkpoint date.

Adding reminders

The interface for adding reminders is very flexible, and it allows you to choose the recipients, the reminder text, and the reminder time. Reminder recipients can be company employees or external users.

The interface for adding reminders can be opened by clicking the bell icon:

Reminder display

  • The most convenient method of using reminders is in the Chronicle, where reminders are displayed as unread events.
  • A reminder in a specific task is displayed in the Reminder panel.
  • You can view your reminders in the Reminder calendar.
  • You can send notifications about reminders through any of the available channels.

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