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You can assign a supervisor for each contact.

This role is set in the contact card in the Supervisor field - it is not mandatory.


Supervisor in contact filters

To conveniently track how the field is filled in, you can use the default filter Without supervisors.

With such a simple setting, for example, only contacts that do not have a selected supervisor will be displayed in the list:


The role of the Supervisor in integration with PBX

When integrated with a virtual PBX, the Supervisor specified in the contact card sees the incoming call window for their contacts and is notified of missed calls. If a group of employees is specified as supervisors, one of the employees in the group will see the incoming call window.

If necessary, this option can be turned off in the integration settings:



  • When the employee is assigned as a supervisor, he is automatically added to the list With editing rights:


In this case:
  • You can remove an employee from the list "With editing rights" if he does not need access to edit this contact. As long as he is on the Supervisor's list, he can still view the contact's data.
  • If you remove an employee from the list of supervisors, he will be automatically removed from the "With editing rights" list as well
  • If you add an employee to the list of supervisors for a company, this employee will be automatically added to the list of supervisors for all company contacts. After that, working with supervisors for company contacts is the same as regular contact (see previous point).
  • When an employee accepts a call from a new contact, he automatically becomes a supervisor for this contact.
  • The supervisor role does not automatically give the employee access to the tasks of the contact's tasks.
  • If the virtual PBX has call forwarding to the Supervisor enabled, and they have a substitute, the call will be forwarded to the substitute.

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