Connecting Contacts and Tasks

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Any contact can be either a counterparty or a participant in a task:

*Counterparty — this is a person or company who is on the receiving end of the task (the customer, contractor, etc.) *Participant — this is a contact with a role in the task (assignee, participant, assigner, auditor, etc.)

Contact cards contain two settings that regulate a contact's ability to be either a counterparty or a participant:


They affect whether or not a contact is displayed in the counterparty and task participant lists.

Displaying tasks in contact cards

On the main screen of a contact card, the tasks linked to the contact are displayed:


If there are many tasks, only some of them will be displayed on the main screen, and there will be a link in the list heading that brings you to the full task list. The list is also displayed in the Tasks additional panel in the contact card (1):


In this panel, you can also switch between standard contact task filters (2) and see a list of tasks where the contact has another role.

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