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This is a type of list in a Planner that displays data from a data tag broken out by an hour.

Features of the "Schedule" view:

  • The hourly grid in the schedule is horizontal, unlike the hourly calendar.
  • In the schedule, data may be displayed on several lines.


In this example, each employee has a line for each day. These rows display the employee's data tags of a certain type.

This creates a visually clear picture of the employee's workload at any time during the workweek:


As parameters, you can enter data tags and task fields, including custom fields:


Quick filters in a Schedule

You can click on a date in a Schedule and display only the schedule for that day, for all locations:


You can also click a specific location (here it's a medical center) and see its schedule for the selected period of time:


Here's how the results of the quick filter on locations would look:


To disable the filter and go back to see the full schedule, you need to click the site name in the schedule header:


Multiple filters in a Schedule

In the Schedule section, you can view a schedule for several locations from a list by clicking them so they turn gray and clicking Filter:


Then you'll just see the schedule for the desired locations:


To disable the filter and go back to see the full schedule, you need to click the Reset Filter link:


Please note:

  • Dragging objects to and from a Schedule list is not currently supported.
  • Any account types, including free accounts, can use planner Schedule lists.

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