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In order to receive emails in Planfix, answer them, and process them as tasks:


Sample configurations for forwarding in popular mail services:

Once this is done, all emails sent to your regular email address will be forwarded to Planfix and turned into tasks.

In addition:

  • the email subject will become the task name;
  • the body of the email will become the task description;
  • files attached to the email will be attached to the task;
  • comments added to the task that notify the external contact who sent the original email will be sent to the contact as regular emails

Therefore, in addition to regular email communication, Planfix can be used to handle client requests, receive orders from websites, and more.

Outgoing emails

  • Since Planfix is not a traditional email client, it handles sending and receiving emails separately. You can manage which mailbox your responses will be sent from when you reply to emails within Planfix. By default, emails are sent from an employee's internal Planfix email address. You can configure sending emails from an external mailbox.

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