Emails sent to Planfix from other systems

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Wherever possible, we strive to ensure that emails sent to Planfix from other management systems (specifically help desk systems and task management systems) are correctly converted into Planfix tasks and comments. There are a number of nuances we have to keep in mind.

Jira and Asana communication

  • Emails sent from Jira and Asana that correspond to the same ticket/task will be added to a single Planfix task as comments.
  • If the email sent by Jira is a response to an original email sent by Planfix, this response from Jira will not be added to a Planfix task as a comment; it will instead be added as a new task. But if you merge this new task with an existing one, any new emails from Jira related to this ticket will be added to the existing, merged task.

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