How to indicate time spent on a task (time tracking)?

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You can use a comment to indicate time spent on a task, but you must first set up the Time tracking Planfix configuration. Then:

  • Create a new comment.
  • If desired, add a comment in the Comment field that describes the work you did, and then click the Data tags icon:


  • In the dropdown list, select the Actual working time data tag:


  • Several fields will appear where you can indicate:
    • The date the task was worked on.
    • The time the task was worked on.
    • Type of work done (selected from the Types of work directory):


  • Save the comment.

All information added in this way will be available in the report on time tracking (Reports — Time management — Report:time-tracking).

Additional information

You can set up a different type of time tracking using the Data tag and Reports functionality.

Useful information

As an alternative to manually entering data tags, you can use a special timer extension to automatically add data the Actual working time data tag to a task.

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