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Planfix can be integrated with the online chat service Chatra.

Connecting the integration

To set up the integration, go to Account management / Integrations / Chats / Chatra:



Click Add account and enter a name in the window that opens. We advise using a name that contains the name of the site where the chat is used. Select employees who will be able to communicate using this channel:


After you click the Add button, the Chatra site will open in a new window. If you are a Chatra user, simply click the Connect integration button:


The data required for integration will be automatically populated in Planfix, and you will return to the integration settings page:


Here you can choose the following

  • the template for the task that will be created for a new conversation with a customer;
  • the template for the contact that will be created in your customer database for the customer;
  • the Chatra user through which the chat will be conducted. By default, when the integration is activated, a user is created in Chatra with the name of the integration that you entered when connecting. If you would like communication to take place through a different Chatra user, enter their email address here.
  • the list of users that will be connected to the chat/task in addition to the assigners in the task template specified above.

Integration options

The following options are also available in the integration settings:

  • Create a new task if there are no active tasks with this contact.
  • Send message as an employee - when this setting is used, messages in the chat will be sent specifically from the name of the employee who wrote the comment in Planfix, not from a general username. For this to work correctly, the email addresses in the Chatra account settings must match the email addresses of the employees in Planfix.

Using the integration

  • When a customer initiates a chat on your site, a new task will be created in Planfix with the template selected:


  • The customer will be set as the task's assigner.
  • Information about the customer's city, pages visited, source, and the device will be added to the text of the task:


  • When a customer leaves the chat, this is tracked by a script, and the task is marked as complete:


Additional features

  • By default, Chatra gives all chats automatically generated names, which helps you with different tasks both in Chatra and in Planfix. If a customer introduces themselves (there is a method for doing so in the chat), this information will be sent to Planfix after their next message, and their contact card will be updated.
  • If a customer writes in the chat from both their computer and smartphone, Planfix recognizes the matching email addresses and maintains one conversation thread with the customer.
  • Each time the customer reaches out to you, action will be added in their profile with information about their operating system, browser, and IP address.

Helpful information

  • If you connect Chatra to Planfix, your employees won't need to launch the Chatra app anymore since they don't need the app in order for the integration to work.
  • An employee's online status must be set in Chatra. This cannot be set in Planfix.
  • The Chatra API is only available for users with paid accounts, so you will need at least one paid Chatra license to set up the integration.
  • If a response is sent from Planfix after the user leaves the site with the chat, Chatra emails them at the address they provided in the chat. However, this must be configured correctly in Chatra beforehand:



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