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The account owner is the person responsible for account payment and adherence to Planfix rules. By default, the account owner is the person who registered the account. Owner rights can be transferred to another employee in the account.

Account owner capabilities

By default, the account owner is the account's administrator and has all subsequent capabilities. At the same time, they also have a number of capabilities that other account administrators do not have:

  • They handle account payment. The account owner can give this capability to other employees.
  • They are the only users with access to the Security and Email / Company server sections in account management.
  • Other administrators cannot edit their accounts.
  • They can transfer their rights to another employee.


It's optimal for a company leader to be the person with account ownership rights. This avoids the situation wherein the employee who is the account owner is let go. If the account was initially created by an employee, we recommend transferring account ownership rights to the company leader.

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