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Account administrators can configure access to any workspace. Permissions can be managed within a workspace, or when creating or editing one:


Clicking on this field brings up the standard Planfix interface for setting access permissions to an object:


It allows you to configure access to a workspace for both employees and clients ( contacts with Planfix access).

Quickly set a workspace as default

Below the setting Access to workspace there are two links to easily set a default workspace:


They let you set the current workspace as default for the desired group of users with a single click. Additional info:

  • The workspace will be entered in the corresponding field in the card of the employee or contact with Planfix access. It can be changed there manually, or it can be changed by going to a different workspace and clicking one of the two links for setting as default.
  • When setting a default workspace for all contacts with access, the workspace will also be set in all contact and company templates, so future contacts created in the company will automatically get the same default workspace.


  • The access that you provide to a workspace only determines which users see it in their list of workspaces. The data that specific users see in the workspace is determined by their permissions.
  • You can remove access to the basic workspace for contacts with Planfix access. You can also do this for employees if the basic workspace isn't chosen as their default.

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