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Analytics group "Time Management" contains two dimensions:

  • Planned working time
  • Actual working time (for the configuration Time tracking)

Analytics Planned working time is usually attached to the task automatically whenever you are planning to work on it, see the Planner. It contains information about the date and time on which the scheduled job. In addition to the system functions for which it was created, this Analytics can also be used in reports to compare planned and actual time spent on the task.

Analytics Actual working time is usually attached to the task by the officer who creates an action with a description of the steps taken on the task of work. It contains information about the date, time and type of work that was actually conducted in this period. This Analytics is the basis for calculating hourly wages. To view the results of the work reflected through this dimension, it is possible in standard report Report: time tracking


  • New accounts to work with Analytics "Actual working time" need to install the configuration of the Time tracking

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