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After creating a Project template, you are taken to the template's task list. This list doesn't display any actual tasks; it displays the templates that were used to create them.

By default, this list is empty. You can fill the list with task templates so that when you create a project using this project template, you simultaneously create a set of tasks within the project using the task templates you set ahead of time.

Creating task templates as part of a project template

To create task templates as part of a project template, go to the project and click the New task template button.


The standard form for creating a task template opens.

Adding existing task templates to a project template

You can also add existing Task templates to a Project template. To do this, go into Editing mode in the existing task template and select the desired Project template for "Project" (display view - Templates):


Additional information

  • If you are modifying a project template in an existing project, the tasks added to the project template in question will not be created. Tasks based on templates that are part of a project template are only created when you create a new project based on the project template.

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