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System settings are found in the Account management / System settings section. They are applied to your entire account. The following system settings are currently supported.

Name display

This setting lets you choose how the names of your coworkers and contacts are displayed. It is used throughout the entire Planfix interface:


Default logo and color for basic workspace

You can set your company's color and logo. Additional info:

  • Accounts with Business or Corporation plans can set logos.
  • When a color is set, it is displayed in the basic workspace and can be changed in other Workspaces.

Type of action feed

Planfix supports two types of task comment action feeds:

  • Classic, where task messages resemble messages in a forum
  • Modern, where the message feed looks more like a chat.

Each user can choose their own feed type based on their preferences. This can be done in the employee card. This setting affects what your account's default action feed will be.


This setting lets you enable or disable the ability to mark comments with a heart icon. Likes are enabled by default, but account administrators can disable them if they get in the way of employees' work.


When there is a quote in a task description or comment, by default the cursor for entering text goes below the quote. Using this setting, you can change this to Text above quote. This option is more convenient when communicating through Planfix with users who receive your comments by email:


Completion dates of subtasks and tasks

Different companies handle subtasks differently. For some, they're an integral part of tasks, so their deadlines should be within the deadline. For others, this is different. In Planfix, you can define how you want to work with subtasks in your company:

  • "Allow the subtask due date to be greater than the parent task due date"
  • "Shift the due date of a parent task when changing the subtask due date"

If the due date of the subtasks exceeds the set date of the main task, the due date of the main task will be changed automatically. This option is displayed if the "Allow the subtask due date to be greater than the parent task due date" setting is inactive (No).

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