Sending POST requests using scripts

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Planfix allows you to send POST requests using scripts.

POST is one of many request methods supported by HTTP protocol used on the web. The POST request method is intended for requests where a web server is receiving data for storage in the body of a message. It's often used to upload files or submit completed online forms.

Examples of POST requests that use variables:




  • POST requests are sent from your account in single-thread mode. A new POST request is not sent until a response has been received for the previous request. Because of this, if there is a significant delay in the remote server's response, there may be a significant delay in sending future requests.
  • If a successful response is not received from the remote server (response status not equal to 200) Planfix will attempt to send the request again several times, after certain time intervals. Five additional attempts are made: after 5 / +15 / +30 / +60 minutes. This is done to prevent message loss in the event that the remote server is temporarily unavailable or inoperable.
  • In addition, no other POST requests will be sent from your account for three minutes after receiving an unsuccessful response or no response from the server. This is a necessary measure taken to ensure that Planfix continues to work stably when a large number of requests are made from an account and the server they are sent to stops responding.

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