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You can save the results of running any report:


Clicking the name of a report brings up a list of saved versions, and you can quickly switch to the desired version:


You can also rename saved versions, delete them, or grant access to them for a desired list of users:


Features of saved versions

  • A saved version stores report data in the view in which it was made available to the user who originally created it. Even if data was modified or deleted after the saved version was originally generated, this data will be preserved in the version.
  • If a saved version of a report contains a graph that was later deleted from the original report, the graph will still be displayed in the saved version.
  • If a saved version of a report displays file thumbnails but those files are deleted after the version is saved, the thumbnails will not be displayed.
  • Providing access to a saved version of a report does not provide access to tasks and other objects on which the report was based.


  • The ability to use saved versions and the number of reports that a user can save are determined by their account's Plan.
  • For premium accounts and accounts with old plans, the limit is determined by the Plan X's present plan.

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