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Planner list testing mode lets you test whether or not a task or contact will be displayed in a list. If it isn't displayed, you can figure out why. Like with testing filters and scripts, once you have activated testing mode, you will be able to select a specific object to test at the top of the list settings window:


Once you have selected an object and started testing, you will see a flask with a green or red background associated with each condition. The green background means that the condition is met for the object you selected; red means it's not.

Selection parameters

Testing in the Selection parameters block works just like testing mode for task and contact filters.

Testing data tag data

In Hourly calendar lists, you can also test whether or not a certain type of data tag exists for a selected employee in a selected object. The example below shows that in the task selected for testing, the Planned working time data tag (the flask with the green background) exists for the selected employee, but the Actual working time data tag is missing (the flask with the red background):


How testing mode is used

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