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The main menu is always in the same place, regardless of which Planfix section you're in. By default, the most frequently used sections are displayed on the left-hand side of the main menu:

  • Planner - where you manage tasks, resources, time, etc.
  • Projects - a list of all projects you have access to
  • Tasks - a convenient way to see all the tasks you're participating in, with a variety of filters and display settings
  • Actions - the simplest way to see everything you've done today or on any other day; helps you find your way back to any task you've worked on recently
  • Documents - stores all documents that were brought into Planfix using any available method; helps you quickly find any document in your account
  • Reports - standard system reports and reports you have created using the Planfix report builder
  • Contacts - your contact database (for clients, suppliers, partners, etc.)
  • Company

The plus sign icon helps you quickly create any object you need:


Other less-frequently used sections in the Planfix main menu can be "hidden" in the drop-down menu that opens when you click the icon with three lines (often called the "hamburger" icon) located on the right-hand side of the main menu:


The number of menu items displayed may differ based on a user's role in the system, and some sections are only available to administrators.

Main menu settings

You can configure the main menu in any way that works for you. To do this, open the drop-down menu by clicking the icon with three lines (the "hamburger") and drag any item(s) from the drop-down menu into the horizontal bar of the main menu. This also works in reverse: you can drag less-frequently used sections from the horizontal bar into the drop-down menu:


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