Enabling two-factor authentication for employees

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If an administrator selects All employees can use this type of authentication in the account security settings, any employee can independently enable or disable two-factor authentication in their user card, in the Account security tab:


After the Enable button is clicked, the system will prompt you to install the Google Authenticator app and use it to register your smartphone in your Planfix account:


Complete these three steps to link your smartphone to your Planfix account and receive codes on it to log in to the web version of Planfix.


Immediately after enabling two-factor authentication, you will need to save backup passwords that can also be used to access the system. To log in to the mobile Planfix app with two-factor authentication enabled, you must receive a one-time app password.

Useful information

If you are unable to log in to Planfix after enabling two-factor authentication, sync the time in the Google Authenticator app on your device:


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