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Dynamic blocks are special blocks in task descriptions with variables and formulas that are calculated each time a task is opened. You can use dynamic blocks to display values of:

  • variables;
  • formulas using time;
  • formulas that refer to long chains of Planfix objects that frequently change;
  • counterparty or project fields.

Dynamic blocks can be added to task descriptions when editing or creating a task:


A dynamic block can also be added to the task template and the custom field of type "Text":


To do this, the "Use text editor" option must be enabled for the field.

Dynamic block settings

  • Click the three dots in curly brackets to add a variable or formula to the block:


  • Here you can also select the type of result you'd like to see and the background color it will be displayed on^


  • Generate a variable:


  • Or create a formula using variables:


  • Here's how a dynamic block would be displayed in a table when editing a task description:


  • To edit a dynamic block, click the three dots.
  • When you open a task, the data in any dynamic blocks in it are recalculated, and the result is shown:


Work features

If you choose the "Text with variables" result type, you can use all constructions and format the text with the built-in editor:


Use auto-fill to add constructs. To access the selection window, type "%%" (two percent signs) and select what you need:



  • Dynamic blocks work in the task card description or in the "Text" field when the editor is enabled.
  • Dynamic blocks help in cases where calculated fields can't get the job done.

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