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These buttons are found in the section Account management - Task processes - desired task process: 9audN9.png

Select the desired process - Buttons: ThQVkZ.png

In the Buttons subsection you can see a list of buttons that have been added and options to add new ones: 9Mvjvh.png

Adding buttons

To add a button, you must specify: 1. Which processes the button can be displayed in.

2. The set of conditions under which it will be displayed.

3. Who can click the button. Even if the conditions are met, the button will only be visible to the users specified in this field.

4. Button appearance settings

5. The set of actions that will be performed when the button is clicked.

Displaying buttons in task cards Buttons created in task processes can be displayed in task card menus: mqL50r.png


Adding buttons based on scripts

There is a quick way to create a button based on an existing . To do this, select the desired script and then select Copy as button from the menu: UucTjD.png

When you do this, an interface for creating a button will open, where the corresponding data will automatically be loaded from the selected script. If necessary, this data can be edited or supplemented.

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