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To overcome the technical limitations on the number of custom fields in Planfix, and to make working with them easier, all custom fields are grouped together in Field sets.

By default, there is a Main field set in each account. For the majority of accounts, this set is sufficient; all fields are created in this set. But if you have reached the limit for the number of fields in this set, or if you want to divide up your fields based on business procedures, you can create a new field set.

Creating a set

Sets are created in Account management / Customizable fields:



A created set looks like a folder:


After creating a set, you can create new fields directly in it:


You can create a set right in the field creation interface, and once a set has been created it can be selected easily:


Fields can be transferred between sets:


Restrictions on field sets

  • Field sets are created separately for each entity: there are sets of task fields, sets of contact fields, sets of project fields, and so on.
  • The maximum number of fields in a set is 150. The actual number in each set depends on the type of fields it contains and could be lower.
  • One template (such as a task template) can only contain fields from the main set, plus fields from one additional set. Thus, the maximum number of user fields in one template is 300 (150 from the main set + 150 from an additional set).

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