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Every project in Planfix has its own virtual email address, which is defined as follows: where:

  • 123 is the project number, and
  • the account is the name of your Planfix account.

This address is generated automatically and cannot be edited. You can see a project's email address in the Project details panel:


Emails sent to this address will be transformed into tasks for the project. Additional info:

Rules for processing messages sent to a project email address

Rules can be set in the Account Management section (available for account administrators) for processing emails sent to a project email address:


Every email sent to a project email address will be checked for each condition set in the rules for processing, in order.

If an email meets a rule's conditions, the operations described in the rule that affect the task created by the email will be carried out.

The rules you are able to create are the same as those for creating tasks from emails sent to internal contact email addresses.

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