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We try to organize billing and payments to give you as much flexibility as possible when choosing a plan. One component of this is the ability to change your plan and/or the resources you use (number of users, amount of storage) at almost any time. In this article, we will describe in detail your options for switching Planfix plans and some of the nuances of the process that depend on your payment method and other factors.

The process of changing plans

Regardless of your payment method, you can change your plan in the Subscriptions section, which is available in the main menu. Below the table with the settings for your current plan, there's a Change plan button:


When you click this button, you can choose a payment period, a new plan, and/or resources. At this stage, switching plans is the same as choosing a plan with a regular payment.

The steps you take next depend on the payment method you choose. We will discuss the steps below.

Changing plans when paying via bank transfer

If you pay for your plan via bank transfer, we will try to modify your plan and/or resources by adjusting the end date of your payment period.


  • Let's say you paid for a Plan A for ten people for one year.
  • After three months, you need to add two more users to your account.
  • In the Subscription section, you select Change plan and increase the number of current users by two.
  • The system recalculates the end of your payment period, which will now be a little bit sooner than before due to the cost of the extra users. In this case, what's taking place is just a regular recalculation, and no penalties or additional fees are applied for changing your plan.

Your steps:

  • If the remaining unused funds you have paid are enough to cover the plan or resources you select, your plan will immediately change to the one you selected after you save your new preferences.
  • If there aren't enough funds, we will issue you an invoice for the remaining charge. This invoice will be just like one for a regular Planfix payment.

Changing plans when paying by card

If you pay by card, changing your plan is like purchasing a new plan starting on the date of the switch, with the new price offset by unused funds paid toward the original plan. Due to the nuances of the billing tools we use, we cannot change your plan without charging you for a new plan. Similar to the example with payment via bank transfer, a recalculation is occurring, and no penalties or additional fees are applied when you change your plan.


  • Let's say you paid for a Plan A for five people for three months.
  • After one month, you need to add one more user.
  • In the Subscription section, you select Change plan and increase the number of current users by one.
  • The system calculates the cost of a new plan with the number of resources you specified (6 users) for the selected time period (3 months), subtracts any leftover unused funds from your current plan from the total cost, and presents the remaining amount.
  • After you pay, you will have a new plan for three months and six users. This is fundamentally different from what happens when you pay via bank transfer, where the old plan is modified, including its duration.

Changing your payment method

  • You can change your payment method from card to bank transfer. Doing this is similar to changing your plan. We will process this request and guide you through providing the additional information needed for receiving invoices and making payments.
  • If you want to switch from paying via bank transfer to paying by card, you will need to send a request to our Support team.

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