Disabling two-factor authentication

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Two-factor authentication can be disabled by an account's administrator or users.  

Disabling two-factor authentication: how it works for users

Employees can disable two-factor authentication on their user page, in the Account security tab:


To disable it, you'll need to enter a one-time password generated by Google Authenticator or a backup password saved when two-factor authentication was enabled.

If for some reason you can't disable two-factor authentication yourself (if you lost your smartphone or uninstalled the app, etc.) and you can't locate your backup passwords, you can contact your account administrator, who can disable two-factor authentication for you.


Disabling two-factor authentication: how it works for administrators

Account administrators can disable two-factor authentication in a user's card, in the Account security tab:




  • If an administrator needs to disable two-factor authentication for their own account but they don't have the password to do so, they can submit a request to Planfix Support explaining their situation. To restore access to their account, they will have to pass a check that will be explained to them when their request is processed.

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