Configuring IP Access Rules

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The general view of the screen when creating or editing IP access rules is shown in the picture:


  • Name of rule is needed in order to conveniently operate them in the list of rules. Use clear, long, reflective names for rules.

  • The rule is valid:
    • For any network - this option is used to create permissive rules "for all", as well as for rules that restrict the work of employees during off hours
    • For chosen hosts - allows you to specify the list of IP-addresses from which the account is allowed to work
    • For a subnetwork - allows you to specify the subnet mask with which users can access this account

  • Allow access for: - in this block the account owner specifies the list of users to which this rule applies.

Remember: if the user does not fall under the action of any of the rules, he will not get access to Planfix. Be careful when creating rules.

If you are having difficulty creating or using rules, please contact our support team.

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