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A Chronicle is a way of displaying a Planner that works according to the same principle as the full Planfix Chronicle. This type of list differs from the "larger" Chronicle in that you can create any number of filters on events.

For example, you can create a list with a chronicle for a specific project or task for a certain assignee:


Working with a Chronicle in a Planner is the same as with the full Chronicle: after you mark new events as read, they will disappear from the Chronicle.

If you want to view event history, you need to go to All events mode:


Settings for "Chronicle" lists

In a list's settings, you can define which events will be displayed in the list, and you can configure various aspects of how they will be displayed:


The following options are available:


This approach also gives you the ability to display part of the text of a comment in a Planner's Chronicle:


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