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This function returns the Boolean value "true" if both conditions are true. It is usually used in conjunction with the IF Function.


  • AND(condition1;condition2)


  • condition1 / condition2 - logical expressions using >, <, =, >=, <=, !=, other functions, report column values or fields

Examples № 1

IF(AND(D="Text in column";С>100500);"Good";"Bad")


  • The condition can be an arithmetic expression. If the result of this expression is a non-zero number, the condition is considered fulfilled. If the result of the expression is zero, the condition is not fulfilled.
  • When checking values in custom checkbox fields, you should use 1 and 0 in reports and Yes / No in data tag calculated fields
  • Function works only with two arguments.

Alternative use

In formulas, it is represented by two consecutive ampersand symbols — &&'

Example № 2

&& {{Task.Application through the form}}=1
&& {{Task.Who are you?}}="Physical person"
&& {{Task.Select a predefined answer}}="Calculation.Legal Entity ."
Invalid field value "Select a predefined answer" for the customer type "Physical person" %%$ENDBLOCK$%%

The construction must be added in one line without spaces and line breaks:

%%$IF({{Task."Disable field 07. Notification"}}=0&&{{Task.Application through the form}}=1&&{{Task.Who are you?}}="Physical person"&&{{Task.Select a predefined answer}}="Calculation.Legal Entity")$%%Invalid field value "Select a predefined answer" for the customer type "Physical person" %%$ENDBLOCK$%%


  • If no brackets are used in formulas, the AND operator (&&) has higher precedence than the OR operator (||).

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