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This function returns one of two values, depending on a condition.


  • IF(condition;yes_value;no_value)


  • condition - logical expression using the symbols >, <, =, >=, <=, !=, another function or value
  • yes_value - number or string that the function returns if the condition is met
  • no_value - number or string that the function returns if the condition is not met


IF(D="Text in column";"Good";"Bad")

IF(D > 100500;"A lot";"A little")



  • the condition can be an arithmetic expression. If the result of this expression is a non-zero number, then the condition is considered to be fulfilled. If the result of the expression is zero, then the condition is considered not fulfilled
  • the values can be expressions that use data from report columns or variables in calculated fields
  • use a "Yes"/"No" test to check a Checkbox custom field in a data tag or data tag calculated field. In other cases, without data tags, use a 1/0 check.

Particularities of working with formulas and functions

Please note the following:

  • All arguments of the IF formula must be included (Condition;Action_IF_YES;Action_IF_NO);
  • Nesting IF inside IFs is not limited, but the number of arguments must be correct;
  • Empty NUMBER fields equal zero, and nothing more;
  • Empty STRING fields and other fields (or not all) are entered as empty quotes: "";
  • You can multiply by "-1";
  • Line breaks cannot be used in formulas or when generating documents.


Depending on whether or not there is a number in column D, either return either that number or the number in column E:


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