Hourly Schedule Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Hourly Schedule

The hourly schedule is a type of Planfix planner list that helps you plan and delegate tasks during the workday.

for employees for team leads
For Employees — Hourly Schedule


For Employees

Schedule your workday by the hour and use the schedule to keep track of your workload so you never miss a task, meeting, or call. Add data tags to tasks to display them in the schedule, and change a task's working hours by using drag-and-drop to move it around in the list.

For Team Leads — Hourly Schedule


For Team Leads

Set up your hourly calendar to view your tasks for the day. Create tasks, delegate them to employees, and move tasks with a simple drag-and-drop, without leaving the schedule. Track overall team workload and the workload of each employee individually.

The hourly schedule helps you plan your work with clarity, avoiding both downtime and overtime on tasks and projects.
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