Tips for preparing CSV files for upload

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Importing contacts allows you to upload company and contact data into Planfix from different sources and update this data as needed. Import is done using a prepared file in one of the following supported formats: CSV, XLS, XLSX.

CSV is a common format for files downloaded from various programs and services. CSV files contain values ​​separated by commas or semicolons. Another type of import file is an Excel file with a table containing the contact data you use when creating contacts in your account: first name, last name, phone number, etc.


The file can be formatted in any way, and the column names do not need to match the field names in the contact card. You can map them to the fields when importing.

Please note

  • You must include at least one of the standard fields for contact/company name. Without at least one of these fields, the import will not work.
  • When importing into fields containing dates and times:
    • for Date fields, data must be entered in the following format: dd-mm-yyyy
    • for Date and time fields, data must be entered in the following format dd-mm-yyyy mm:hh
    • single-digit day numbers and two-digit years are not supported
    • a period (".") or slash ("/") can be used in place of the dash ("-").
  • To correctly import CSV files, the file encoding must be UTF-8

The resulting file is used to import contacts into Planfix.

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