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When choosing this type of action, Planаix will try to find in the list of employees a person whose name or surname includes word after the tag. If one is found, he/she will be added to the task as an assignee. As in the case of selection of the project, using this option requires you to be attentive: if the word after the tag is not unique for objects of this type, you can accidentally add the wrong assignee to the task.

Rule example:

  • If Message subject includes tag &, then Select assignee by word following the tag

Imagine that you have two employees with the names:

  • John Smith
  • Peter Johnsson

In this case:

  • Proper use - &Smith or &Johnsson. This allows you to add exactly the employee you expect
  • Improper use - &John. You do not know whom Planfix will choose, since all of the employees listed have "John" in name or surname.

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