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Planfix lets you create reports on the history of a task's statuses. This information is available in reports built based on Tasks:


In the Report view tab, you can see the following details for status history:


  • Status history.Status - a status the task had
  • Status history.Status sequence number - the sequence number for this status in the status set of the task process
  • Status history.Subsequent status - the status the task changed to
  • Status history.Date changed to subsequent status - date and time when the task changed to the subsequent status
  • Status history.Time with status (total) - time, in minutes, that the task spent with the status before changing
  • Status history.Time with status (working) - assignee's working time, in minutes, that passed while the task had the status, before changing


New information about a tasks' status history appears when a task is changed to the subsequent status. This is done so Planfix calculates the amount of time a task spent with a status. As such, status history does not contain any information about a task's current status.

This is important for understanding how reports function that uses status history, specifically reports on the sales funnel for a period of time from the Transaction management standard configuration.

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