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We love engaging with you and will respond to any questions you have about Planfix. If you already have an account for your company, feel free to ask our Support Team questions straight from Planfix.

We'll receive your question as a task in our Planfix account. Support can always link a specialist from another department to your task, so please ask any questions you may have.

Support Team standards

When communicating with clients, we stick to certain rules. These rules help us understand the problem at hand and quickly resolve it, and they also make communication easier:

  • We maintain a professional tone.
  • One question is one Support task.
  • Task names should be descriptive. "Question," "Problem," or "Hello" are examples of weak task names — while something like "Script not running when task field is modified" would be much better.
  • Task descriptions should include:
    • A thorough description of the problem
    • Detailed screenshots
    • A link to the task, contact, filters, or other Planfix object(s) where the problem has been identified, as well as the full name (or link to the user card) of the user who identified it. Don't delete Planfix items you've shared links to, or we won't be able identify the issue in our technical logs.
  • Once communication is complete, ask a question or write a detailed outline of your idea for a potential solution to the problem.

More about screenshots

If a problem arises:

  • in filters or planners:
Show the "Selection parameters" settings, and for Calendar lists also include the additional "Data to display" settings with testing results.
  • in scripts:
Show the technical log on the task's side panel for the time when you expect the script to be triggered. In addition, show the results of testing the script, as well as its name and the date it was last modified. Don't make any changes to the script if it didn't run or ran incorrectly, otherwise we won't be able to look into the issue. If changes were made, create a new version of the script as it was when it wasn't working, and share the link to the new version of the script instead.
  • in email processing rules:
Take a screenshot of the task log and the rule, with its name.
  • If something isn't loading or working, take a screenshot of the browser console when the problem arises.


To optimize the work that the Support Team does, they don't support any voice communication channels. This makes it easier to pass off conversations to other employees and automatically record results. We've found that text and images make for more productive communication than conversations. And Planfix is, first and foremost, about productivity.


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