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Adding to favorites

You can add important Planfix elements and objects to your Favorites. To do this, simply click the star icon near the element or object. The star is by default displayed with no color.  


You can choose any icon you like (from a limited set of options) for your favorites. Click the star to do so:


Here's how an action that's been marked as a Favorite look:


The Favorite feature is currently available for:


The Favorites section

This section gathers all information on Favorites in one place, including all objects that can be added to Favorites. The section is found in an additional menu:  


In the left pane, Favorites are arranged by object category. Selecting a category opens in the workspace all the elements of the corresponding section that are in your Favorites:



Configuring the display of the Favorites section

You can configure the columns in the Favorites section however is most convenient for your work. To do this, click the gear on the right-hand side of the workspace:  


  In the Column Settings interface that opens on the left, you can add columns to be displayed. Be sure to save your changes:


The screenshot shows an example of customizing the column view for tasks in your favorites. You can configure other sections in the same way.


Quick access to Favorites

An important advantage of Favorites is that you can use the Favorites quick access panel to get to your Favorites from any section in Planfix with a single click:  



Examples and useful links

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