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Additional operations are the fourth and final block in the rules for processing email, which you must fill out when creating a rule. Additional operations let you carry out a set of operations when processing an email. They look like the list of operations of a task script, and they can handle similar operations:


However, additional operations are different because they can use infoblocks that are extracted when the email is processed. Infoblocks are used to search for objects (such as tasks or contacts) as well as to populate task, contact, or data tag fields.


  • With this set of additional operations, we select or create a new contact and set them as the counterparty of a task/order:


  • These additional operations let you add to the task created in the previous step: you can add as many "Product" data tag entries as there were in the infoblocks during data extraction from the email:


Here is the result of these additional operations:


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