Conversation history in emails for contacts without Planfix access

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Planfix gives users the ability to add conversation history to email notifications for contacts without Planfix access.

This history shows a maximum of 3 previous messages, not including the current message (4 total).

To enable this, go to Account management / Email / Notifications for external contacts:


And activate adding the latest messages from the conversation history to the body of emails sent from Planfix:


Once this has been done, every email that any of your contacts receives will contain up to three recent messages from the conversation:


Please note:

  • If there are parallel conversations involving different contacts (or employees) in a task, each contact will receive only the messages that they wrote or that were addressed to them.
  • Only what the contact has written in the current email, without duplication, will end up in Planfix.
  • This option is only available for users with paid or premium accounts.

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