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In order to implement Planfix at your company, everyone must agree on one very important thing:

All work-related communication must only take place within Planfix.

Not in emails, not over Skype, not in phone conversations, and not in person—but in Planfix tasks.

But you can't ban other types of communication, of course, and sometimes it's just easier to have a 15-minute meeting to discuss something important. But when this happens, the person in charge of the meeting should add notes to Planfix immediately after the meeting or call, identifying all agreements reached.

Why is this so important?

If this rule isn't introduced from the start, Planfix will just be another means for employee communication. Moreover, it will be people's last priority for communication, since they will be used to the old tools they used before Planfix came around. This is not good. When people stick with their old tools, Planfix can't solve the problems it was created to solve.

Many companies work something like this: a task is set by email; it's discussed on WhatsApp and twice over the phone; and the supervisor asks about under-performance in person. If all we did was add Planfix to this mess and not enforce its use, nothing would change: even if a task were assigned in Planfix but then discussed through Viber or Skype like before, the supervisor would still get nervous and call employees in to talk in person about why the task wasn't completed on time.

It's likely that you started your search for a management system because right now all of the information about what your company does is dispersed throughout space. Parts of it are stored in people's heads, other parts in their notes, and still more parts in their conversations—and there is no big picture of what is going on. Proper implementation of Planfix helps you gather all of this information in one place. Only then will you have an effective management tool.

That is why we advise you to begin Planfix implementation by notifying your colleagues about it.

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