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We recommend that you begin Planfix implementation with an announcement modeled off the one below:

Dear colleagues,

Starting Monday, our lives will be changing. All work-related correspondence will take place in Planfix. Everything you used to write in Email or ICQ, and everything you used to say over the phone or Skype, should now be done in Planfix. If communicating through Planfix isn't possible or is difficult (if, for example, you met with someone face-to-face and agreed upon something) then the outcome of this communication should be entered into Planfix immediately after it happens.

Why is this important?

  • So we can always see what everyone else should be doing, and when
  • So we can always know who is responsible for what and who is currently slowing things down
  • So we can always see how work is progressing on any task: who did what, and when*We will no longer be hearing, "I never got the email...," "No one told me...," "I forgot...," etc.

In order to prepare for Planfix ahead of time, I have sent everyone a personal invitation to the system. Your task is to log into Planfix using the link from this email, create a username and password, and fill out your profile (uploading a picture or avatar is mandatory).

I would be thrilled if by Monday you have practiced assigning tasks to each other in Planfix.

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