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If you want Planfix to remind you or your colleagues about an event or task, you need to add an action containing a reminder:

  • Create a new action
  • Select "Add: Reminder" (the bell icon) and enter the reminder text in the window that opens:


  • Select a date and time for Planfix to send the reminder
  • If you would like other employees to receive reminders as well, click "Select date, time, and recipients." In addition to selecting specific people as recipients, you can also specify roles: the auditor, assigner, assignees, or task participants:


If no one is selected, only the person creating the action will receive the notification.

  • Save the action

At the specified time, the reminder will be sent via the method indicated in the settings of the specific employee.

Useful information

Triggered reminders in a task's action feed contain a link to the source of the reminder, which helps you keep track of where reminders came from if there are several in a task:


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