Who gets notifications about new tasks?

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By default, only employees and contacts appointed as a new task's assignees will receive automatic notifications about the task being created.

Users with other roles in the task, specifically:

  • task participants
  • task auditors
  • project auditors
  • managers of the assigner, assignees, or participants

will not receive an automatic notification about the new task. This is done so as to not distract users with messages about tasks on which they have a minimal bearing.

If you would like these users to receive notifications about new tasks, they must be subscribed to the notifications. This can be done on the user's page in the Subscriptions and notifications tab. Administrators are the only users who can change an employee's subscriptions, besides the employee themselves.

It's also possible to subscribe to all notifications for all tasks in a given project. This can be done on the project card, in the Project notifications tab.

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